Membership and affiliation guidelines

There are four categories of people associated with the Centre of Global Business (CGB): members, student members, honorary members and affiliates, as described below.


  1. Membership of the CGB is open to all staff at Monash Business School on a voluntary basis.
  2. To become a member, you must enrol first. Your submission will be reviewed and the outcome communicated to you within a week.
  3. CGB membership entitles you to certain privileges, including the following:
    1. You will be eligible to apply for any research grants offered by the CGB;
    2. You will be eligible to apply for financial or other support for any visitors to Monash University who you may like to nominate;
    3. Your profile and research could be highlighted on the CGB' website;
    4. You will have access to CGB support in seeking external funding for your research work, so long as it falls within the thematic mandate of the CGB;
    5. If you find it helpful, you can indicate membership of the CGB on your business card, as part of your email signature and in your online bio / CV; and
    6. You will be eligible to attend and participate in discussions and, if the occasion arises, to vote on such matters as are brought to the general membership for consideration.
  4. By enrolling as a CGB member, you agree that:
    1. Your research output (within the thematic areas of the CGB) will be reported by Monash Business School as part of its reporting obligations. This will have no bearing on your research output being reported through your respective Department;
    2. Your profile and research (within the thematic areas of the CGB) can be showcased on the CGB website, subject to your prior approval; and
    3. Where possible, you will engage in, and contribute to, events and activities organised by the CGB.
  5. There is no term limit on CGB membership. You continue to be a member for so long as you are a staff member at Monash Business School, unless you withdraw your membership in writing. If you were to leave Monash University, you may continue to be associated with the CGB as an affiliate.

Student members

Student members are those who are enrolled in a degree or work as a teaching associate at Monash University. They come from a range of faculties and disciplines both within and outside of Monash Business School. Student members are entitled to some of the benefits of full membership but do not have voting rights.

Honorary members

Honorary members are invited members of the CGB whose association is sought in light of their distinguished contribution to the thematic areas of the Centre. CGB members may nominate honorary members.


Affiliates are associates of the CGB who come from places outside of Monash Business School, whether that be from elsewhere at Monash University or from a different institution. Affiliates are expected to be nominated by a CGB member. Affiliates enjoy several of the privileges of members (but not voting rights), and are eligible to apply for grants or other support from the CGB that is explicitly open to affiliates.