Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness Research Network (LOERN)

The Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness Research Network (LOERN) undertakes cutting-edge research and evidence-based consulting in leadership and organisational effectiveness. The group aims to transform leaders and employees into the next generation of organisational champions with unique competitive advantages, better well-being, and strong ethics.

We bring together experts from different departments of Monash Business School and leading experts around the world to deliver analysis and training on how effective leadership and workplace practices influence organisational performance, social justice, business ethics, sustainability, and well-being. By combining leading academic research with contemporary organisational practice, we provide an evidence-based approach to enhancing organisational effectiveness.

We provide consultancy, research, training, and education customised to the needs of organisations. We have a proven track record in partnering with large corporations, government bodies, and various non-profit organisations:

  • To enhance leadership and organisational effectiveness;
  • To develop effective workplace relationships among leaders and employees to enhance individual, team, and organisational outcomes;
  • To deliver high-quality training, industry forums, and conferences that develop workforce capability for future challenges;
  • To inform business policies and practices that can contribute to workplace wellbeing, innovation, sustainability and ethics.

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