Our research

We have a vibrant research culture. We organise, host and participate in a range of research events. We continue to conduct the longstanding ACREW seminar series which features both national and international scholars leading in our field.

Further to that, we have set up a 'brown bag series'. This series is used as a form of development for our early career researchers. Here, we workshop aspects of our research and develop new research projects.

In addition, we organise a regular forum, bringing together our academic staff and industry professionals. The purpose of this forum is to share ideas and build future research collaborations.

Research streams

We conduct our research across a range of interdisciplinary streams:

Occupational health and safety in global business

This stream focuses on developing frameworks and tools for measuring and managing OHS performance in multinational firms. We undertake empirical research in high-risk global industries, beginning with mining and healthcare.

Key researchers: Professor Helen DeCieri, Dr Tracey Shea, Associate Professor Cathy Sheehan, Dr Mingqiong Zhang, Dr Jiuhua Zhu.

Innovative human resource management (HRM) practices and performance

Beginning with a three-country study, this stream of research will examine how organisations can develop employee resilience, wellbeing and organisational productivity through innovative HRM practices across national settings.

Key researchers: Professor Fang Lee Cooke, Professor Greg Bamber, Associate Professor Brian Cooper, Associate Professor Peter Holland and Professor Ed Snape (Durham Business School, University of Durham).

Mental health strategies in global workplaces

This stream addresses a neglected issue which is a major barrier to workforce contribution and a significant cost to employers. Projects will identify strategies used by multinationals to respond to employee mental health issues and to develop strategic frameworks for improving mental health.

Key researchers: Associate Professor Anne Bardoel (team leader), Professor Julian Teicher, Dr Linda Duxbury (Sprott School of Business, Carlton University), Professor Grant Russell (School of Primary Health Care, Monash University).

Building global competitiveness through advanced simulation training

The initial project for this stream takes a comparative approach to examining organisational outcomes of high-simulation training in areas such as conflict management and leadership in the construction sector in Australia and the UK.

Key researchers: Associate Professor Peter Holland, Associate Professor Cathy Sheehan and Professor Julian Teicher.

Conflict management, employee well-being and organisational performance in international settings

This stream builds on earlier research projects into employee voice and workplace conflict. We will examine and compare how horizontal and vertical disputes (involving employees, managers and contractors) are dealt with in different national and organisational settings. In addition, we will look at the relative effectiveness of different systems of dispute management and resolution.

Key researchers: Professor Greg Bamber, Associate Professor Peter Holland, Associate Professor Amanda Pyman (Deakin University), and Ms Anne O'Rourke.