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In collaboration with Department of Management, Monash Business School

Research Seminar

Talking about Voice: An Employee Perspective

11 a.m. Wednesday 6 February

Room H801, Building H, Monash University, 900 Dandenong Rd, Caulfield, Melbourne

Summary Having voice at work is a primary means by which individuals influence matters that affect them. Prior work has focused generally on institutional-level factors and collective arrangements that give rise to voice.  Here, our focus is the employee. In partnership with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development UK, and drawing on a major cross-sectoral survey of nearly 3000 employees based in the UK, we distinguish between two forms of voice -- human voice and promotive voice -- starting from the premise that voice is important, not just for organizational effectiveness, but also by way of offering dignity and respect to workers. We are now analysing the data and, in this seminar, will share preliminary findings.

Helen Shipton is Professor of Human Resource Management and Co-Director of the Centre of People, Work and Organizational Practice, Nottingham Business School, having held academic posts at Aston Business School, Birmingham, United Kingdom.  Helen is interested in how employees perceive HRM, and the effect of their interpretations on outcomes such as innovation, well-being and commitment.  Helen has published in top journals including Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management Journal, British Journal of Management and Journal of Organizational Behaviour. Helen is Vice-Chair (Capacity Building) of the British Academy of Management; see: https://www.ntu.ac.uk/staff-profiles/business/helen-shipton

RSVP: penny.sara@westnet.com.ausince space is limited as soon as possible and by 1 Feb. 2019. Thanks.

Seminar co-hosts: Professors Helen De Cieri and Greg J. Bamber

In collaboration with

Australian HR Institute (AHRI) and

School of Labor Relations and Human Resources, Renmin University of China

An International Research Symposium

Digitalization, artificial intelligence and gig jobs: Implications for the future of business, employment, regulation and work, in a global economy

Date: 11th April 2019

Venue: City Centre, Melbourne

This topical one-day international symposium will focus on the impact of digitalisation, artificial intelligence (AI) and gig jobs on the future of employment, employability, industrial relations, work and labour regulation across different economic, industrial and occupational settings. The symposium will bring together leading researchers and practitioners in employment relations, HR and labour regulation from Australia, China, the United Kingdom and other countries. They will discuss the latest developments in the application of digital technology, AI and algorithmic decision-making by employers and how these impact skills, work, employment relations and labour regulation in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and beyond, including national regulations and practices, international influences, as well as global trends, challenges and lessons.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Michael Brooks, Hertfordshire University, UK: 'The impact of platform work upon employment, employability and employment relations as well as its potential contribution to the community wealth building agenda'
  • Professor Fang Lee Cooke, Monash University, Australia: ‘Digitalisation and decent work in Pacific Island countries’
  • Lyn Goodear, CEO, Australian HR Institute: ‘HR’s role in shaping future work and workplaces’
  • Professor Peter Turnbull, Bristol University, UK: ‘The menace of an open market in a digital age: capital and labour mobility in the European Union’
  • Associate Professor Kai Liu & Professor Weiguo Yang, Renmin University of China: ‘Effect of workers’ involvement into the sharing economy on their enrolment in social insurance programs: Evidence from China’
  • Professor Geoffrey Wood, Essex University, UK: 'Events beyond existing experiences and the firm'
  • Associate Professor Liqiu Zhao & Associate Professor Nanfeng Luo, Renmin University of China: ‘Work attitudes and worker performance in the digital age’

Other leading speakers from Australia, China and elsewhere: names and topics to be confirmed. The speakers or topics may change a little.

More details of this event and a registration link will be available in due course. Meanwhile, please let us know as soon as possible if you would wish to be involved e.g. by presenting. Please let us know if you would like to discuss anything. Thanks.

Contacts: <Fang.Cooke@monash.edu>, <gbamber@monash.edu.au>, <Andrew.Whyte@ahri.com.au>

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