Leadership Research Group

We conduct research projects with a clear collaborative and multidisciplinary agenda. We bring together core research strengths from across Monash Business School with experts from the Department of Management, Department of Economics, Department of Accounting and Department of Marketing all part of our group.

We produce new knowledge on how leadership excellence is developed across national contexts. In addition, we look at how – and whether – best practice in leadership behaviour fosters organisational effectiveness and global competitiveness. Our focus is on interdisciplinary theoretical advancement and integration.

Within our group we have diverse, yet complementary research expertise on ethical decision making, leadership development and strategic leadership. In addition, we have experts in migration, labour markets and behavioural accounting. Find out more about our group members.

Research highlight

Psychological contracts can develop at any stage of the employment process. Dr Kohyar Kiazad explains what companies can do to prevent psychological contract breach and to manage potential consequences of such a breach.