Our research capabilities

The Centre for Global Business' primary research strength lies in our multi-faceted approach to deal with the complex problems facing today's global community. We conduct research into the practices, challenges and opportunities of doing business in an increasingly global market.

Our research groups each have their own specific areas of expertise and research strength. These vary from banking and finance to corporate governance and from workplace relations to measurement and analysis of poverty, corruption and microfinance. The Centre consists of six research groups.

International Consortium for Research on Employment and Work (iCREW)

iCREW is the research group on which the Centre for Global Business was built. iCREW has a long tradition of research excellence in research and education in the fields of employment and industrial relations, human resources, labour economics, regulation and organisation of employment and work at Monash University that began in the University’s early years. Find out more about iCREW

Ethical Regulation Research Group

The Ethical Regulation Research Group explores the potential role of regulation in governing global business for more sustainable businesses, communities and societies. Find out more about the Ethical Regulation Research Group

Leadership Research Group

The Leadership Research Group has diverse, yet complementary research expertise on ethical decision making, leadership development and strategic leadership. In addition, we have experts in migration, labour markets and behavioural accounting. Read more about the Leadership Research Group

Monash Business Policy Forum

The aim of the Monash Business Policy Forum is to have policy impact. Their research focus is on direct areas of interest to business and government with a vision to assist business  and government to formulate and implement better policy. Read more about Monash Business Policy Forum

Social Business Action Research Unit

The Social Business Action Research Unit conducts research across six main themes: (1) social entrepreneurship; (2) microfinance and financial inclusion; (3) corporate social responsibility; (4) sustainable supply chains; (5) inclusive markets; and (6) global business security. Find out more about the Social Business Action Research Unit 

South-Asia Research Network

The South-Asia Research Network (SARN) is a multi-disciplinary network that brings together researchers and scholars working on economic issues in South Asia. Read more about SARN