Global Value Chains Research Network (GVCRN)

The Global Value Chains Research Network conducts research on issues in global value chains, including supply chain issues, governance and regulation, ethical and social issues, operations and integration, and sustainability.

Our network conducts interdisciplinary research across the following six main themes with the aim to develop specific research projects and build linkages with relevant external partners:

  1. Food Value Chains;
  2. Global Production Networks;
  3. Apparel/Garments Value chains;
  4. Behavioural Change in Value Chains;
  5. Health-related Value Chians;
  6. Infrastructure Development Value Chains.

Under these themes, a whole range of issues can be addressed from many different perspectives that may “align” with the interests represented in the seven departments that make up the Monash Business School.

The Global Value Chains Research Network aims to achieve significant outcomes and impact over the coming years.  Following its establishment in mid-2018, the Network began its work by engaging with external organisations and developing partnerships with other similar groups nationally and internationally in order to prepare for research work during 2019 and beyond.