Social Business Action Research Unit

The Social Business Action Research Unit is a new research group, formed as part of the recently-established Centre for Global Business.

Our research will have a primary focus on examining the influence of leadership and the entrepreneur's social values on the social and financial performance of social enterprises, in both developed and emerging economies.

We have a multidisciplinary focus. Our membership consists of researchers from Monash Business School's Departments of Management, Accounting, Banking and Finance, and Marketing. Our group members have a history of undertaking interdisciplinary research projects. Find out more about our people.

We have a vibrant and supportive research culture with monthly meetings and regular 'brown bag' sessions. We look to promote an interchange of ideas between researchers, educators, industry, policy makers and communities at large.

Research highlight

Necessity is the mother of invention. In developing countries, she has a second child: entrepreneurship. Associate Professor Srinivas Sridharan discusses how with 400+ million entrepreneurs in developing economies, global business must pay attention.