Gaurav Datt

Gaurav Datt

Gaurav joined Monash University in August 2011 as Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Deputy Director of Monash Centre for Development Economics. This was after a long tenure at the World Bank (1990-1996 and 1999-2011) in Washington DC, Sydney and most recently Kathmandu. His work at the World Bank has been both in research and operational positions.  He has also had a productive three-year stint (1996-1999) as a Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in Washington D.C.

Analysis of poverty, income distribution, labor markets and social policy has been the primary focus of his work over this long period.  His work has encompassed a range of countries including India, China, Egypt, Laos, Mozambique, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste.

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Current research projects

  • A unified measurement framework for characterizing educational deprivation in developing countries – measuring schooling and learning deficits
  • Emigration of Nepalese workers and schooling outcomes for children in Nepal
  • Multidimensional poverty without the "dual cut-off" – making every dimension count
  • Scholarships and child labor in Nepal
  • Growth, poverty and distributional change in the Philippines
  • Spatial dispersion of poverty and implications for targeting

Select publications

  • Datt, Gaurav and Martin Ravallion (2011). Has India's economic growth become more pro-poor in the wake of economic reforms? World Bank Economic Review, 25(2): 157-189.
  • Datt, Gaurav and Martin Ravallion (2010). Shining for the Poor Too? Economic and Political Weekly, 45(7): 55-60.
  • Datt, Gaurav, and Thomas Walker (2006).  Does mining sector growth matter for poverty reduction in Papua New Guinea? Pacific Economic Bulletin, 21(1): 71-83.
  • Gibson, John, Gaurav Datt, Bryant Allen, Vicky Hwang, R. Michael Bourke and Dilip Parajuli (2005).  Mapping Poverty in Rural Papua New Guinea, Pacific Economic Bulletin, 20(1): 27-43.
  • Datt, Gaurav and Dean Jolliffe (2005).  Poverty in Egypt: Modeling and Policy Simulations, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 53(2): 327-346.
  • Datt, Gaurav and Jennifer C. Olmsted (2004). Induced Wage Effects of Changes in Food Prices in Egypt. Journal of Development Studies, 40(4): 137-166.
  • Jolliffe, Dean, Gaurav Datt and Manohar Sharma (2004).  Robust Poverty and Inequality Measurement in Egypt: Correcting for Spatial-price Variation and Sample Design Effects. Review of Development Economics, 8(4): 557-572.
  • Datt, Gaurav and Hans Hoogeveen (2003). El Niño or El Peso? Crisis, Poverty and Income Distribution in the Philippines. World Development, 31:1103-1124.
  • Datt, Gaurav and Martin Ravallion (2002). Is India's Economic Growth Leaving the Poor Behind? Journal of Economic Perspectives, 16: 89-108.
  • Ravallion, Martin and Gaurav Datt (2002). Why Has Economic Growth Been More Pro-poor in Some States of India than Others? Journal of Development Economics, 68: 381-400.

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