China Research Network (CRN)

The mission of the CRN is to build and strengthen collaboration with Chinese business, government and universities, to increase our presence and impact in China and to develop cutting-edge research capabilities relevant to China.

CRN brings together scholars in management, economics and other related disciplines to develop multi-disciplinary perspectives in the study of Chinese business and economy and to develop China-related collaborative network and linkages for research, fundraising and impact.

  1. To be a scholarly hub in issues related to business and economy in China.
  2. To be a focal point in building alliances, relationships and linkages with various organizations and institutions in China.
  3. To have a significant impact on business practices and economic development in the broader China-Australia context.
  4. To promote Monash Business School's vision and strategic direction and its research and education development in China.
  5. To become a network of excellence on China-related issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

To achieve its mission and objectives, CRN focuses on three key areas: a cutting-edge research program, a visiting fellow program, and an evidence-based study and training program. We also organize and sponsor workshops, symposiums and conferences aimed at fostering discussions around issues related to Chinese business and economy and initiating conversations and collaborations among faculty members, research students and global business leaders.

We have a proven track record in collaboration with China-related business, government and universities in the following areas:

  1. Enhancing top management effectiveness and strategic leadership for international business;
  2. Effective organizational governance systems to enhance individual, team, and organisational outcomes;
  3. Developing workforce capability for future challenges;
  4. Business policies and practices that can contribute to workplace wellbeing, innovation, sustainability and ethics;
  5. Economic policy reform and economic development in China.

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