Our research

We have a vibrant research culture. We organise, host and participate in a range of research events. We conduct seminars, which feature national and international scholars. In addition, we organise symposia, bringing together academics and practitioners. The purpose of such symposia is to share ideas and build future research collaborations.

We conduct our research across a range of interdisciplinary streams; a few examples are listed below (names mentioned are in alphabetical order; this does not reflect the leadership or projects
or research streams):

Artificial intelligence, digitalisation and the gig economy: the future of business, employment, regulation and work

This stream focuses on the implications of digitalisation, artificial intelligence (AI) and gig jobs on the future of employment, employability, industrial relations and labour regulation across different national, economic, industrial and occupational settings; iCREW is partnering with Building 4.0, a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), which is funding a major project with iCREW ‘New Technologies, the Future of Work, Skills and Industrial Relations.’

  • Key researchers include: Fang Lee Cooke, Greg Bamber, Marjorie Jerrard and Marilyn Pittard.

Conflict management, employee well-being and organisational performance in international settings

This stream builds on earlier research projects into employee voice and workplace conflict. We examine and compare how horizontal and vertical disputes (involving employees, managers and contractors) are dealt with in different national and organisational settings. We explore the relative effectiveness of different forms of dispute management and resolution, by paying attention to efficiency, justice and voice.

  • Key researchers include: Greg Bamber, Brian Cooper, Anne O'Rourke, Julian Teicher, Bernadine Van Gramberg.

HR outsourcing and shared services

Employing organisations in the public and private sector have been increasingly been deploying HR outsourcing and shared services for various reasons, including, cost containment, developing strategic capability, refocusing internal HR competences and functions for more value-added activities. Several iCREW members are researching the role and business implications of HR outsourcing and shared services and implications for employees and HR professionals.

  • Key researchers include: Greg Bamber, Fang Lee Cooke, Brian Cooper, Cathy Sheehan, Ed Snape

Innovative human resource management (HRM) practices and performance

This stream of research examines how employing organisations can develop employee resilience, wellbeing and organisational productivity in the face of challenges and through innovative HRM practices.

  • Key researchers include: Greg Bamber, Fang Lee Cooke, Brian Cooper

International and comparative HRM and Employment Relations (ER)

This stream focusses on global dimensions of HRM and ER as well as comparing and contrasting HRM and ER theories, policies, practices across national settings.

  • Key researchers include: Greg Bamber, Fang Lee Cooke, Helen DeCieri, Marjorie Jerrard

Occupational health and safety (OHS) in global industries

This stream focuses on developing frameworks and tools for measuring and managing OHS performance in multinational enterprises. We undertake research in global industries, including mining and healthcare.

  • Key researchers include: Helen DeCieri, Tracey Shea, Cathy Sheehan, Mingqiong Zhang, Jiuhua Zhu.

Union's management practices

This stream includes international research on Canadian, U.S., U.K. as well as Australian unions; it considers such questions as: What are the trends in how unions manage their strategies, budgets and employees? Do such trends contribute to, or detract from, union efforts at revitalization?

  • Key researchers include: Greg Bamber, Paul F. Clark, Marjorie Jerrard, Paul V. Whitehead; also the late Sandra Cockfield and the late Lois S. Gray