Monash Business Digitalisation Research Network (MBDRN)

The growing adoption and innovative use of digital technology across an ever-widening range of business, economic and management activities carries with it profound global implications.

Not only in terms of how we can best position ourselves to take advantage of the technology so as to promote economic and social development, but also, crucially, in terms of how these gains can be realised and shared in an ethical and fair manner via effective regulation, policy and good governance.

If the potential of digitalisation is to be obtained, it is evident that a solid and informed understanding of its human dimensions is paramount.

With these challenges in mind, we have formed the Monash Business Digitalisation Research Network (MBDRN).

We look to showcase our already existing research expertise in this area and to take the field further through thought leadership informed by multi-level and interdisciplinary research.

We also aim to complement recent University-wide strategic initiatives designed to consolidate and strengthen Monash’s capabilities in the field, the most notable example of which is the establishment of the Monash Data Futures Institute.

Our aims

  • To make Monash Business School’s research expertise in these areas more visible;
  • To serve as the contact point for the University’s initiatives and activities in this strategic space;
  • To serve as the contact point for inter-faculty research collaborations;
  • To identify areas in need of strategic capability development within the Business School;
  • To foster inter-disciplinary research within and across the Business School.

Research interests

  • Regulation and human rights, civic and political participation;
  • The role of the state and political and social governance in the digital futures;
  • Social and economic determinants and impacts related to digitalisation and AI;
  • Digital technology and heath management;
  • Cultural identity, social interaction, and interpersonal networks in the cyber era;
  • Data analytics (behavioural patterns and potential intervention);
  • The role of digital technology and AI in productivity, management, innovation and sustainable development;
  • Consumer and market behaviour in the digital context;
  • Digitalisation and the changing nature of work, changing nature of behaviour, changing regulation.

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