Message from the Director

Prof Anthony Harris

The Centre for Health Economics has a long history of academic achievement in research in the economics of health, health care and health policy.

Since our foundation within the National Centre for Health Program Evaluation in 1991, under the leadership of Jeff Richardson, we have promoted academic excellence in health economics, and have been recognised nationally and internationally for the quality of our research, teaching, training activities and the contribution we make to the welfare of the community.

In recent years we have focused particularly on enhancing the strength of its academic output in an international setting building on earlier applied work in health systems and policy evaluation. We have increased in size and scope to include a number of internationally recognised scholars in applied economics and econometrics. We have also expanded our teaching and training program to include not only a vibrant specialised economics PhD program, but also online course for undergraduate and postgraduate medicine and health science students.

With our key strengths in economic evaluation of health programs, the dynamics of health and subjective wellbeing, and the analysis of preferences and behaviour in health systems, we have attracted outstanding staff who collaborate widely with colleagues across the globe on issues of concern to health systems everywhere.

Looking forward

In the next 25 years the Centre will address current and emerging community issues with potential impact on community health and wellbeing in Australia and along with clinical and health service collaborators translate research with positive impact on health service delivery and health outcomes

If you are interested in learning more about health economics at Monash University please have a look at these pages and in particular our teaching program.

If you are interested in being part of our future as a researcher or PhD student please get in touch.