Message from the Director

image of Professor Anthony Harris

Welcome to the Centre for Health Economics at Monash Business School - one of the world's leading research groups in the economic analysis of health and health care. We have the highest concentration of economists working in health in the Asia-Pacific region and the largest Health Economics PhD program in Australia, reflecting the reputation of our researchers and the quality of their mentorship.

Leaders in the field

The Centre for Health Economics is internationally recognised as being at the forefront of health economics research. The Centre has successfully attracted a number of leading health economists, who are regular recipients of competitive national grants and research contracts with government and non-government agencies. These include Professor Michael Shields (past ARC Future Fellow, top 5% of academics publishing in economics) and Professor David Johnston, both of whom are highly regarded for their contributions to research in the socioeconomic determinants and dynamics of health and happiness; and two world-class experts in the field of applied microeconomics in health, Professor Andrew Jones (former editor of Health Economics and past president of the European Health Economics Association), and Professor Maarten Lindeboom (editor of Journal of Health Economics), have fractional appointments in the Centre.

Through our International Network on the Economics of Mental Wellbeing and research collaborations we have regular visits from distinguished researchers in the field including Professor Martin Knapp (LSE, UK), Professor Jody Sindelar (Yale, USA), Professor Rowena Jacobs (York, UK), Professor Carol Propper (Imperial, UK) and Professor Jan Olsen (UiT, Norway).

Research with impact

Our research covers a wide range of issues in allocating individual and social resources to maintain and improve health. We have a particular focus on economic evaluation methods and applications to health technologies and prevention, the measurement of health and wellbeing, and the relationship between health and individual development particularly through social conditions in childhood, education, behaviour and employment. In all of this, our work informs current social issues and public policy, and we provide advice to government and other agencies on decision in public insurance coverage of pharmaceuticals, mental health, obesity policy, patient choices and preferences for treatment and prevention of illness.

Collaborative approach

The Centre offers a high quality seminar series and a flow of international visitors throughout the year, which provide opportunities for interaction and engagement in thought-provoking discussions. The Centre has strong national and international collaborations and close relationships with the Departments of Economics and Econometrics and Business Statistics here at Monash University. We have the capacity to host researchers in the field of health economics and we offer an annual competitive funded visiting scholars program. We also regularly host research workshops in areas of national and international relevance and importance, and are instrumental in organising annual Health Econometrics and Mental Wellbeing meetings.

Professor Anthony Harris
Director, Centre for Health Economics