Centre Announcements

New location

We have moved from Clayton Campus to Caulfield Campus, our new address is:

Centre for Health Economics
Level 5, Building H, Caulfield Campus
900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield East VIC 3145
Monash Business School
Monash University


Congratulations to Dr Nicole Black and Dr Gang Chen who have been promoted to Associate Professor from 1 September 2018. These promotions are well deserved achievement and recognition of the significant contributions that both Nicole and Gang have made at the Centre, and the field of Health Economics more broadly.

New staff

Resulting from our successful recruitment round, we have seen the arrival of six new staff to the Centre, as detailed below:

  • Ms Sara Carrillo commenced on the 25 June, as a Research Fellow, from the NHMRC CTC at The University of Sydney, her background is in evidence based medicine and evaluation, and has previously worked for NICE (UK).
  • Dr Claryn Kung, a former CHE PhD candidate, has re-joined us on the 1 October, as a Research Fellow, from the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), where she was working on a Seed Fund grant funded by the Wellcome Trust, with Martin Knapp and Jeroen Luyten. She will be working on Prof Michael Shields’ ARC Discovery Project ‘Econometric Studies of the Dynamics of Loneliness and Social Isolation’ and will be the Network Co-ordinator on our successful International Network on Mental Wellbeing.
  • Dr Maame Esi Woode joined us on the 1 October, as a Research Fellow, from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, where her work focused on issues related to the study of the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of integrated control for Neglected Tropical Diseases. She is particularly interested in the use of both economic and epidemiological models to study the health and economic effects of different health policies.
  • Ms Jing Bo Li joined us on 22 October, as a Research Fellow, previously from the Commonwealth Department of Health, her background is in Pharmacy.
  • Dr Umair Khalil joined us on the 19 November, as a Research Fellow, from the University of Adelaide, where he has been a Lecturer in the School of Economics. His research interests are Applied Microeconomics, Law and Economics, Health Economics and Social Interactions.
  • Dr Daniel Avdic commenced on the 10 October, as a Research Fellow, from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, where he was an Assistant Professor of Empirical Health Economics and Head of the junior research group, EACH, at the health economics research centre CINCH. His research interests are focused in the field of empirical health economics, specifically on the efficiency of health care organisation, individual health behaviours and the causes and consequences of socioeconomic health disparities.

ECR successes

Also, a number of Centre for Health Economics ECR’s have been successful in attaining 2019 Early Career Grants from the Monash Business School:

  • Dr Daniel Avdic - ‘Physician responses to technology substitution’
  • Dr Rohan Sweeney – ‘Priorities for improving life and wellbeing in urban slums’

Other news