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Congratulations to Dr Daniel Avdic, Dr Umair Khalil and Dr Rohan Sweeney who have been promoted to Senior Research Fellows. These promotions are well deserved achievements and recognition of the significant contributions that they have made at the Centre, and the field of Health Economics more broadly.

We welcome our new staff members Laura Fanning and Adam Irving.

Dr Laura Fanning

Laura joined the CHE as a Research Fellow in January 2020 after completing her PhD in Monash’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences in 2019. Laura's PhD research focussed on using routinely collected healthcare data to close evidence-practice gaps in under-represented groups in clinical trials. Laura also holds a Master of Public Health with a specialisation in Health Economics, and a Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours. Laura has 12 years of experience working as a hospital pharmacist and regularly works in a clinical capacity at the Box Hill Hospital. Laura will conduct both Health Technology Assessments and post-doctoral research work at the CHE.

Dr Adam Irving

Adam joined the CHE as a Research Fellow in January 2020 after completing his PhD in Health Economics at CHE. His previous work experience includes Health Technology Assessment consulting both in the UK and at the University of Sydney's NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre. Initially he will be continuing research from his thesis studying interventions to improve efficiency in Australia's supply of blood and blood products, funded by the National Blood Authority.

Early Career Research Staff within the Centre have been successful in attaining 2019 Early Career Grants from the Monash Business School:

ECR grant

  • Dr Claryn Kung - Socioeconomic inequalities in loneliness among adolescents and young adults

This project examines whether socioeconomic differences contribute to loneliness among adolescents and young adults, who experience similar rates of loneliness as older adults. An array of panel data estimation strategies is employed towards providing comprehensive, robust, and timely evidence on the role of this important policy factor in the experience of loneliness within this age group. This project contributes to a literature previously focussed on older adults.

New academic staff support grants

  • Dr Claryn Kung - How early life adversities influence economic preferences in later life
  • Dr Umair Khalil - Political Favouritism by Powerful Politicians: Evidence from Chief Ministers in India

Staff / student awards

  • Dr Daniel Avdic – Monash Business School 2019 Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in Research by an Early Career Researcher
  • Jessica Arnup - Monash Business School Doctoral Colloquium runner-up prize for best paper, November 2019
  • Karinna Saxby - Australian Health Economics Society (AHES) Conference Prize for best presentation, September 2019 and Australian Gender Economics Workshop (AGEW2020) runner up, February 2020.
  • Ieva Sriubaite - Australian Health Economics Doctoral Conference (part of AHES) prize for best paper, September 2019

Our 2020 CHE Seminar Series altered quickly in response to COVID-19 travel and lockdown restrictions that prevented in-person presentations. Organisers and presenters alike were a little unprepared for videoconferencing in the beginning, but quickly became familiar and comfortable with the format. As a result, we have welcomed a thought-provoking line-up of researchers from near and far with the added bonus of being able to offer these seminars to a broader audience through online media (and a much smaller carbon footprint).

Our seminar program for the first half of the year included:

  • Dr Shoshana Grossbard (San Diego State University) on Who makes fertility decisions? Some lessons from changes in family laws in the US, New Zealand and Europe
  • Associate Professor Jane Ruseski (West Virginia University) on The effect of sports facility construction projects on infant health
  • Dr Anna Zhu (RMIT University) on The impact of decreasing immigrants' access to social safety net programs
  • Professor Paul Dietze (Burnet Institute) on Showcasing the Burnet Institute cohort studies studies of injecting drug use and methamphetamine smoking in Victoria
  • Professor Andrew Jones (University of York + Monash) and Chiara Pastore (University of York) on Human capital consequences of missing out on a grammar school education
  • Dr Daniel Grossman (West Virginia University) on Office visits preventing emergency room visits: Evidence from the Flint water switch
  • Dr Viviane Sanfelice (Temple University) on Mosquito-borne disease and newborn health
  • Professor Maarten Lindeboom (VU Amsterdam + Monash) on Lifelong effects of in-utero stress on labor market outcomes
  • Associate Professor Ateev Mehrotra (Harvard Medical School) on Does telepsychiatry improve efficiency and outcomes in the emergency department?
  • Dr John Tang (University of Melbourne) on Killing me quickly: Economic development and epidemics in historical perspective
  • Dr Sarah Dahmann (University of Sydney) on Naïveté and sophistication about self-control: Empirical evidence
  • Dr David Slichter (SUNY Binghamton) on The employment effects of the minimum wage: A selection ratio approach to measuring treatment effects
  • Dr Jade Bilardi (Monash) on Miscarriage Australia: The need for improved psychosocial support following miscarriage
  • Associate Professor Marc Chan (University of Melbourne) on How Effective are Matching Schemes in Enticing Low-income Earners to Save More? Evidence from a Targeted National Scheme
  • Professor Adeline Delavande (UTS) on Mortality Risk Information, Survival Expectations and Sexual Behaviours
  • Dr Luca Facchinello (Singapore Management University) on Understanding policy take-up among the elderly: Evidence from Singapore

We promote our seminars by email and via our website. If you would like to be added to our email list, or register to receive the Zoom details of a specific seminar, please email shannon.stanwell@monash.edu.

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