The PhD room

PhD completions

Congratulations to our recent PhD graduates:

  • Jane Fry with her thesis Economics of road accidents and fatalities in Britain. Jane's research was supervised by Professor Michael Shields with Professor David Johnston and Professor Lisa Farrell (RMIT).
  • Nicola Huxley with her thesis Provider behaviour and quality of care in prostate cancer. Nicola's research was supervised by Professor Anthony Harris with Associate Professor Dennis Petrie and Associate Professor Arul Earnest.
  • Angela Jackson with her thesis Economics of disability in Australia: Implementing a national disability insurance scheme. Angela's research was supervised by Professor Anthony Harris with Professor Michael Shields and Associate Professor Dennis Petrie.
  • Ieva Sriubaite with her thesis Decision-making and choices in healthcare: Empirical essays on the economics of healthcare performance. Ieva's research was supervised by Professor Anthony Harris and Professor Andrew M. Jones.

New PhD students

CHE welcomes new PhD student Vinh Vo, who commenced his PhD research in June 2021. Vinh's project title is The applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Vinh's research is being supervised by Associate Professor Gang Chen.

We are eagerly waiting for a number of other new PhD students to arrive in Melbourne to commence their research. Their travel has been hampered by COVID-19 travel restrictions. We hope to introduce them in our next newsletter.

Recent PhD milestones

Congratulations to for the following students on their successful completion of PhD milestone seminars:

  • Thao Thai (Final Review) - February 2021
  • Giovanni Empel (Confirmation) - February 2021
  • Fikru Rizal (Confirmation) - April 2021
  • Bernice Hua Ma (Progress Review) - May 2021
  • Tom Plunkett (Confirmation) - May 2021
  • Nico Martin Bassols (Final Review) - May 2021

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Alumni news

  • Jemimah Ride completed her PhD with the CHE in 2018. She is a medically qualified health economist and Research Fellow at the Health Economics Unit, Centre for Health Policy at the University of Melbourne. Her research addresses mental health and mental health care, including preferences for and distribution of care.
  • Angela Jackson completed her PhD with the CHE in 2020. She is lead economist at Equity Economics, with expertise in distributional analysis, economic modelling, labour markets, disability, health, gender, housing and fiscal policy. Angela is a regular contributor to Australian news and current affairs media.
  • Jane Fry completed her PhD with the CHE in 2020 and commenced a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Demography and Ageing Unit at the University of Melbourne shortly after completion. Jane has expertise in econometric modelling in relation to health and health-related behaviours. Her PhD focussed on determinants of traffic accidents. She has published research on energy, poverty and gambling. In addition she is building a microsimulation model of the Australian population.