The PhD room

PhD students Thao Thai and Jessica Arnup have been successful in receiving funding from the Monash Graduate Association to run a series of workshops that host individuals with backgrounds in health economics that have gone on to have diverse and successful careers. In these sessions, the PhD students get the opportunity to ask about different career pathways in health economics. So far they have had speakers from industry, academia and public service.

  • 21 May 2019 – John Cochrane from Ernst & Young: Work experience in Industry
  • 3 July 2019 – Dr Jemimah Ride (Melbourne University): Academia in Europe and Australia as an Australian graduate
  • 14 August 2019 – Dr Johannes Kunz (Monash):  Academia in Europe and Australia as an European graduate
  • 1 November 2019 – Dr Megha Swami (DHHS): Work experience in public sector

The seminars are continuing throughout 2020, with the first speaker of the year, Dr Leonora Risse, providing valuable advice on professional development via Zoom.

PhD completions

Congratulations to Adam Irving on his PhD completion. Adam’s thesis is titled, 'The economics of blood supply in Australia'. Adam’s PhD research was supervised by Anthony Harris.

New students

CHE welcomes new PhD students:

Giovanni Empel Competition in the healthcare market Daniel Avdic and Umair Khalil
Michelle Escobar Evaluating the impact of the RISE programme on child health and nutrition David Johnston and Rohan Sweeney
Tom Plunkett The drivers and solutions of overuse or misuse in medications in healthcare markets. Supervisors Anthony Harris, Sonja de New
Md Fikru Rizal Universal health coverage and care for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Indonesia David Johnston, Nicole Black and Rohan Sweeney
We also welcome visiting PhD student Yangling Ren, on a 12-month exchange, from China. Yangling is completing the final year of her PhD, supervised by Associate Professor Gang Chen.

Recent PhD milestones presented

Congratulations to the successful completion of PhD candidature milestone seminars, for the following students:

Jessica Arnup Confirmation 26 August 2019
Thao Thai Progress Review 12 September 2019
Angela Jackson Final Review 13 September 2019
Karinna Saxby Confirmation 13 February 2020
Bernice Ma Confirmation 25 February 2020
Nicolau Martin Bassols Progress Review 16 March 2020
Jane Fry Final Review 5 May 2020
Ieva Sriubaite Final Review 26 May 2020
Elaine De Gruyter Progress Review 4 June 2020

For more information on our Graduate Research Program see here.