Our research

The Centre for Health Economics has established a strong track record of publishing original research in health economics. For more than two decades, we have made a significant contribution to debate and policy development in the Australian healthcare sector. Our work is funded through competitive grant schemes, such as the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Australia Research Council (ARC), as well as through contracted research.

Research focus

We conduct research across the entire breadth of the health economics field. However, our primary focus is on the following four broad areas:

  • Economic evaluation of health programs
  • The socioeconomic determinants and dynamics of health and subjective wellbeing
  • Measuring quality of life and social preferences
  • Preferences, choice, behaviour and performance in the health system

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Research achievements

We have developed an impressive portfolio of achievements in health economics research. These include:

  • Pioneering work on the measurement of social values, including the development of the Assessment of Quality of Life instrument
  • Developing and applying research methods for priority setting in healthcare
  • Significant contributions to public policy in the areas of hospital funding, health insurance, and health technology assessment
  • A major role in the development of policy and practice of economic evaluation of health services through work with the Pharmaceutical Benefits and Medical Services Advisory Committees
  • Efficiency and performance measurement in health care organisations.