Current PhD candidates

Our PhD candidates undertake research across the entire breadth of the economics disciplines. Below you will find a list of current candidates, their research project title, and their supervisors.

Current PhD students

PhD student Research questionSupervisors
Ms Jessica ArnupEconomics of children and adolescents' time investments, cognitive development and health outcomesA/Prof Nicole Black
Prof David Johnston
Mr Nicolau Martin BassolsCognition and health-related cognitive-impairment over economic, financial and medical outcomesProf Michael Shields
Prof David Johnston
Dr Sonja Kassenboehmer
Ms Elaine De Gruyter Using outcomes-based approaches to support the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases A/Prof Dennis Petrie
A/Prof Nicole Black
Ms Jane Fry Economics of road accidents and fatalities Prof Michael Shields
Prof David Johnston
Prof Lisa Farrell
Mr Peter GhijbenEconomic studies in health technology assessmentA/Prof Dennis Petrie
A/Prof Gang Chen
A/Prof Emily Lancsar 
A./Prof Silva Zavarsek 
Ms Nicola Huxley Improving decision making in healthcare through cost-effectiveness analyses Prof Anthony Harris
A/Prof Dennis Petrie
A/Prof Arul Earnest
Mr Adam Irving Health technology assessment informed decision-making in the era of personalised medicine Prof Anthony Harris
A/Prof Dennis Petri 
Dr Zoe McQuilten
Ms Angela Jackson National Disability Insurance Scheme: Economic essays on the transition to choice and competition Prof Anthony Harris
A/Prof Dennis Petrie
Prof Michael Shields
Ms Jing Jing LiAnalyses of health care funding decisionsProf Anthony Harris
A/Prof Duncan Mortimer
A/Prof Emily Lancsar
Ms Bernice MaDeveloping an outcome metric and evaluating policies for Australians with a disabilityA/Prof Dennis Petrie
A/Prof Gang Chen
Ms Karinna SaxbyEnablers and Barriers: The Impact of Policies on Health Outcomes and Healthcare Resource Use PatternA/Prof Dennis Petrie
Dr Sonja Kassenboehmer
Ms Thi Hong Thao ThaiInvestigating the pharmacy workforce in AustraliaA/Prof Gang Chen
Dr Sonja Kassenboehmer 
A/Prof Emily Lancsar
Dr Jean Spinks 

Research Located Primarily in Other Departments

PhD student Research questionSupervisors
Mrs Alisa Higgins The cost-effectiveness of early resuscitation of sepsis in Australasia - an economic evaluation alongside the ARISE-RCT Prof Anthony Harris
Ms My-Linh Nguyen LuongUsing financial incentives to increase and sustain physical activity for adults with lower limb osteoarthritisProf
Anthony Harris
Prof Kim L Bennell
Prof Rana S Hinman
Dr Michelle Hall
Dr Amanda L Rebar
Ms Harini Swaminathan
(Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)
Linkages of HDI to nutrition in a transient economy of IndiaProf Anthony Harris
Dr Anurag Sharma
Dr Ng Shah


Name Research questionCompleted
Dr Julie Abimanyi-Ochom Hope for the Dying: HIV/AIDS, Antiretroviral Treatment Packages and Intrahousehold Resource Allocation 20 November 2012
Dr Nicole Black (nee Au) Obesity in Australia: An Economic Perspective 16 November 2011
Dr Gang Chen Health Investment, Health Outcomes and Economic Growth in China: An Applied Macroeconomic Analysis 23 April 2013
Dr Brett Doble Assessing the value of genomic medicine in oncology 5 September 2016
Dr Claryn Kung Poor mental health in childhood: An econometric analysis of long-term effects10 August 2017
Dr Tania MacLeod Evaluating the factors that influence and determine funding decisions for innovative therapeutics across a range of public healthcare systems, with a focus on oncology
6 January 2018
Dr Anthony Niu(i) To quantify the relationship between childhood health and adult socioeconomic status (SES); and (ii) to investigate the pathways through which childhood health influences adult outcomes22 November 2017
Dr Jemimah RideEfficiency and equity of perinatal mental health services4 February 2018
Dr Jean Spinks Economics of complementary and alternative medicine in people with Cardio Vascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes 7 October 2014

Dr Rohan Sweeney

Determining the value of personalized medicine and genomic testing in oncology 28 July 2015
Dr Brian VandenbergThree essays on the relationship between economic factors and alcohol purchasing6 September 2017
Dr Timothy Weterings Ordered choice modelling: with applications to health and happiness 22 October 2013