Maximising impacts of aid for health by incorporating local priorities

Funding Agency

Australian Research Council through DECRA

Project period



Collaborating researchers

  • Duncan Mortimer
  • Maame Esi Woode

Project Description

This project aims to increase effectiveness of Australia’s health aid program in the Asia-Pacific region by employing advanced health economics methods and working with stellar international collaborators. Australia has committed to better align health aid with recipient priorities, however, there is a need for evidence on how best to achieve this. This project expects to generate new knowledge about the benefits from increased alignment. Expected outcomes include increased regional research capacity and strategies for stakeholders to increase alignment for greater impact. This should benefit Australia’s health aid program, so that it meets the expectations of the Australian public and improves the health and wellbeing of aid beneficiaries.


Woode, M. E., Mortimer, D., & Sweeney, R. (2021). The impact of health sector-wide approaches on aid effectiveness and infant mortality. Journal of International Development, 33( 5), 826– 844.

DePolicy blog:
Health SWAps Work.  By Rohan Sweeney, Maame Esi Woode, Duncan Mortimer, July 28, 2021.

Impact article: "Making the most of global health aid." By Rohan Sweeney, Duncan Mortimer & Maame Esi Woode. November 9, 2021