Academic Progress Policy

Purpose To provide information about the academic progress and exclusion processes in the faculty.
Scope This policy applies to all coursework students in the Faculty of Business and Economics.
Policy Statement

The academic progress process is governed by Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations, Part 4. Within this context it is intended that students be treated equally throughout the faculty in relation to academic progress. This policy is within the context of the limits of the University policy.

Students whose academic progress is considered unsatisfactory will be liable to exclusion from the degree in which they are enrolled, or from the faculty. No student will be excluded without being given an opportunity to be heard by the Academic Progress Committee (APC).

Unsatisfactory progress

Academic progress will be considered unsatisfactory if a student:

  • passes less than 50% of enrolled credit points over the academic year (December to November); or
  • has failed the same compulsory unit twice during the course of their candidature in the degree; or
  • failed to comply with any terms or conditions imposed by the Faculty Board (prior to 2014) or imposed by the Dean under regulation 30(1)(a) or by an Academic Progress Committee.

A student's academic progress will be considered by the following faculty committees.

The Academic Review Committee (ARC) reviews the student’s academic histories after they have been identified for failing to meet academic progress. The ARC decides whether or not to allow the student to continue, impose enrolment conditions, or send the student a Notice of Referral requiring submission of a written response to the APC.

The Academic Progress Committee - Stage 1 reviews the student’s response to the Notice of Referral. The APC may decide to

  • allow the student to continue their course;
  • impose enrolment conditions, under the authority of the Deputy Dean Education, or
  • send a Notice of Hearing informing the student of the date and time of hearing.

The ARC and APC - Stage 1 committees will consist of no less than the Chair and one other APC academic staff member, but will not include the student member.

Academic Progress Committee - Stage 2

The Faculty will convene an Academic Progress committee on each campus with the following membership:

  • a Chair nominated by the Dean;
  • at least four academic members of staff who have been nominated by the Dean;
  • a student representative.

A quorum for an Academic Progress committee hearing consists of the Chair, the student representative and two-thirds of the members of the committee (at least two academic staff representatives). A committee secretary from the administrative staff on the campus shall also attend.

A student granted a hearing before the Academic Progress committee is permitted to be accompanied by a representative at the hearing. The name of that person is to be notified to the faculty with at least two working days' notice prior to the hearing, and approval sought for that person to attend and speak at the hearing.

Students have the right, after receipt of notice of hearing, to elect to be heard by the Academic Progress committee minus the student member.

The Academic Progress committee (APC) will consider the evidence contained in the student's academic record and written submission. The APC will also consider evidence presented by the student, and, if previously approved, from a person accompanying the student. The APC will then decide whether to:

  • allow the student to continue in their course unencumbered;
  • place the student on conditional enrolment for the following academic year;
  • exclude the student from candidature in either a) the degree in which they are enrolled; or b) any degree, diploma or certificate of the faculty.

If a student fails to appear before the Academic Progress committee the case may be heard in his or her absence. For on campus students teleconference facilities will only be used in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the APC Chair.

Conditional enrolment

For those students granted conditional enrolment, a letter will be sent giving the conditions of probationary enrolment, and advising that results will be reviewed by the faculty at the end of the probationary period.

At the end of the probationary period a student who has met the probationary conditions shall be reinstated as a normal enrolled student.

A student who has not met the probationary conditions will be asked to show cause again, and may be referred to the APC with a view to being excluded from the degree or the faculty.

After exclusion

At the end of the 12-month exclusion period, a student may apply for readmission using the procedures open to new applicants for the particular course. Normally applications by Australian citizens and residents should be via VTAC. Applications by international students will be via Monash International Recruitment Services. There will be no option to apply directly to the APC. Once excluded on academic grounds, a student will not be readmitted to any course offered by the faculty unless admission is approved via the methods stated. Any course or course version which has been discontinued by the University during the period of exclusion will not be reopened.

Early Warning

At the end of each semester, early warning letters will be sent to students who have failed a unit for the first time, unless they are to receive a notice of referral letter. This letter will inform the student of Academic Progress rules, and advise the student to:

  • inform the faculty of any problems for which assistance is required,
  • seek academic advice and other help if necessary.

Monitoring Candidature and Academic Progress

The ARC and APC monitor student progress in terms of the time limits for candidature on behalf of the Deputy Dean Education.

Students with active enrolments who have exceeded the maximum candidature terms will be contacted by the faculty as part of the review of the student’s academic progress. The ARC and APC may make recommendations to the Deputy Dean Education that the time limit be extended for individual students in compelling circumstances.

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