Virtual Work Integrated Learning

We are excited to confirm that Monash-sourced WIL Internships will be offered for Semester 2.

Is VWIL a "real' experience? What placements will be available?

The main difference between our normal WIL placements and VWIL is that the placement will be undertaken remotely, rather than in the workplace.

VWIL involves the same excellent hosts and industry exposure you would expect from an internship unit. The duties at your placement will generally be the same as previous internships, with some adjustments made to accommodate the changing needs of industry.

The benefits of undertaking a VWIL placement

  • Gain valuable real-life experience
  • Master agile work environments and step into the new way of working
  • Learn new collaborative technologies
  • Develop your resilience
  • Build your career confidence and belief
  • Enhance your CV, LinkedIn Profile and enhance your employability
  • Build connections in your chosen field, which may lead to future employment

Support throughout your VWIL placement

  1. Check-ins: The WIL Placement team will check in with you at least 4 times during your placement, either by email or Zoom sessions with other students. They will work with both host and student to ensure the remote working arrangements are working for both parties and provide assistance when needed.
  2. You will have access to Moodle resources on working from home, connecting and communicating with your team and supervisor, benefits and challenges and other useful information to help you with your working from home arrangements.
  3. Your host will work with you to establish a routine and provide the technological tools you will need to complete the tasks. Your host will be encouraged to include you in team meetings and key activities to enable you to build your network. Your success in establishing industry contacts will largely depend on your willingness to engage in these activities and reach out to team members.

How to apply