Credit Student Procedures

Parent Policy

Please see the Faculty of Business and Economics Credit Policy

This procedure applies to all coursework programs. Credit to research programs is governed by the Graduate Research Committee.

Information for Students

Obtain a credit application form from the Faculty’s Student Services office or download it via the link here:

Ensure you attach:

  • a legally certified copy/original of your academic transcripts;
  • a detailed course structure*; and,
  • detailed unit outline(s)*.

Note: Each unit outline should include: a breakdown of topics covered; the number of contact hours; a breakdown of assessment criteria; a list of recommended textbooks and other references.
*Course and unit information must relate to the year/s in which they were studied.

Submit your completed application together with all supporting documentation to the faculty student services office that offers the course you wish to gain credit for.

Pending the outcome of your application, re-enrol in your current course.

Receive notification of the outcome of your application in writing/email.

If successful - notify the faculty student services office in writing/email of your acceptance of the credit decision by the due date specified on the letter.

Contact your faculty student services office as to whether you are then required to make any changes to your enrolment.