Summer units

Course advice

Course advice is available from the Student Services office or from the graduate course coordinator on your home campus. Get course advice to determine your suitability for summer semester enrolment.

Prerequisites for undergraduates

Students must have completed at least one year of university study (i.e. a total of 48 cedit points or units studies in one calendar year); and achieved a credit average (60%) or higher in the previous academic year.

Prerequisites for postgraduates

Students must have completed at least one semester of postgraduate studies achieving an average of at least 60%. No more than one unit per teaching period (one summer A and one summer B) will be approved.

Enrolment by non-Monash students

We accept single unit applications on a non-award, full-fee paying basis and cross-institutional study applications for summer and winter units. If you are a student at another Australian university you must get approval from your home university.