Undergraduate course map

As a Monash student, you have the room to shape a degree to fit your future.

There's a lot of flexibility, but it's worth remembering that you're not automatically enrolled in the core units required for your degree. It's your responsibility to make sure you meet the requirements of your course as outlined in the Undergraduate handbook – otherwise you won't be eligible to graduate.

Our Student Services staff are always around to offer advice.

Course maps by campus

Find your course map by choosing your Monash campus, the year you started (or changed to) your current course, and the degree you're completing.


As you study, the degree you’re enrolled in may be updated. You’ll remain in the version of your course that you started in when you began your studies.

If you'd like to follow the latest version, you can apply to update your course by filling in this form and submitting it to Caulfield Undergraduate Student Services. They can also help you figure out which course map you should be following if you’re unsure.


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