Monash College Transition program

Joining Monash Business School as a new student is a two-step process.

Step 1

Step 1 is your transition program, and we have put together some information to help you begin your transition to University.

In this session, you will hear from previous college students who have successfully transferred to Monash Business School from Monash College. They will share some of their success stories with you and you will also hear about some of the issues you may face, and how to overcome any challenges, so it is essential that you attend this session.

Step 2

Step 2 is the Monash Business School undergraduate Orientation Program, which is held towards the end of February 2018 and is an essential start to your studies at Monash.

The program is designed to provide you with an introduction to the University, Monash Business School, your Course Director and your fellow students. You will receive a detailed overview of the expectations of undergraduate study and the services available to help you maximise your student experience.

The compulsory program runs in Orientation week. If you are travelling overseas between leaving Monash College and commencing at Monash Business School, you must arrive back to Melbourne for Orientation week. Not only will you receive the information mentioned above, but you will also have an opportunity to meet and socialise with other new students.

Orientation is compulsory and all undergraduate Monash Business School students are required to attend the program.

This orientation program covers all the essential information you will need to begin your studies.

Activities include:

  • Formal campus welcome -  hear about support services at your campus
  • Welcome to Monash Business School - meet the Course Director and hear about what we expect from you
  • Meet some current students and hear about their journey in first year
  • Introduction to academic essentials - find out which skills are the most utilised and how you can enhance yours
  • Campus tour  -  become familiar with your new campus and visit key locations
  • Meet the Business School social clubs - find out which one you want to join

To complement the Orientation Program in February,  Monash Business School offers a range of other support programs to help you engage in the academic, personal and professional development aspects of your university studies.

We also highly recommend that you visit the Orientation ePlanner, an online tool to help you personalise your own orientation program, as there are loads of fun and academic activities you can participate in outside of the School program. Things like club events, student association events, library tours, academic skills workshops, and much more.

The orientation ePlanner site will allow you to make your own personalised orientation calendar for the first few weeks of semester; you can print this out or download into your calendar. It’s very easy to use and opens in mid-January of each year.

New to Monash?

Join other new students in a space for questions, conversation and get connected on the NewtoMonashUni2018 Facebook page and Monash Business School Facebook page.