Monash College Transition program

The transition from Monash College to Monash Business School happens in two steps, to give you the strongest start at university.

Step 1 - Transition program

Hear from students who have made the transition – their success stories, and the challenges they had to overcome.

Step 2 - Orientation

This covers everything you need to know about your degree, including what’s expected of you and the opportunities you have as an undergraduate student. You’ll also have a chance to meet your Course Director, connect with other students and get to know the school.

The program runs in February, as part of Orientation week, and is a core activity for new Monash Business School students.

What to expect

  • You’ll be welcomed to Monash Business School, meet your Course Director and learn what’s expected from you as an undergraduate student
  • An introduction to the academic side of life as a student, and the skills that will help you succeed
  • An introduction to the Monash Business School social clubs
  • A range of fun activities to help you settle in, meet people, and prepare for your studies.

The online Orientation Planner opens early January and will help you navigate everything that’s happening on the day (and during the first few weeks of semester) – so you can plan ahead.

Build connections

Ask questions, start conversations and get to know other new students on the NewtoMonashUni2020 and Monash Business School Facebook pages.