Late re-enrolment applications for 2018 will close on Friday, 16 February at 5.00pm. No further applications will be accepted after this time.

Please familiarise yourself with the information provided below to ensure you re-enrol correctly. Pay particular attention to course progression requirements and unit information, as they provide essential information regarding correct unit choice.

You must re-enrol in semesters one and two for the next year. It is important to enrol in your full enrolment load so that there are no delays in being able to register for tutorials.

Important information for re-enrolment

Re-enrolling for continuing students
See re-enrolment dates and details, and Web Enrolment System (WES) guides.

Course progression requirements
Are you sure you are enrolling in the correct units for your course? An incorrect re-enrolment may require you to extend your course in order to complete the necessary requirements.

Unit information - Handbook
The Handbook, including information regarding unit offerings, is available from 1 October each year.

Important Enrolment Dates
Check here for key dates relating to your re-enrolment. If you do not re-enrol in time you will lose your place and your course will be discontinued.

To ensure that you have a workable timetable we strongly suggest that you enrol in all your units during the re-enrolment period, create a draft timetable in the Monash University Timetable System, then make any relevant adjustments when Allocate+ opens.

Enrolment load
Check here for information regarding:

  • your enrolment load
  • international students' enrolment load
  • overloading credit points
  • cross-campus unit enrolment
  • cross-faculty unit enrolment
  • complementary study.

Unit failures and pending outcomes
If you have any unit failures or pending outcomes, please check the information provided to ensure you enrol correctly.