Equity and social inclusion

People of all sorts of backgrounds come together to study at Monash. We encourage our staff and students to be proud of what sets them apart, and to create an environment that nurtures diversity of all kinds.

This includes support for those living with disability and chronic medical conditions, respect for different cultural and religious backgrounds, gender equality and an inclusive environment for our LGBTQI community.

Equity, diversity and inclusion at the Monash Business School

Currently, our efforts are focused in four major areas:

These priorities are set out in The Monash Business School Strategic Plan 2019-2021.

Equity and Social Inclusion Commitee

The Business School’s Equity and Social Inclusion Committee (ESIC) oversees all matters related to equity, inclusion and diversity affecting staff and students of the Business School. Membership of ESIC includes representatives from undergraduate, postgraduate and international students, all academic departments, professional staff and campuses of the Monash Business School.

Key contacts

  • Professor Yulia Veld-Merkoulova, Director Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion; and
  • Katherine Mitchell, Executive Officer, Equity and Social Inclusion Committee.

Diversity and Inclusion at Monash University

    The Monash Focus Strategic Plan 2015-2020 has inclusion as one of its four core goals and priority areas and seeks talented students and staff regardless of their background and promotes diversity and inclusion through its policies and programs. Visit the full list of programs at Diversity and Inclusion at Monash.

Development and training