Academic progress

Monash University has a process for identifying and assisting students ‘at risk’ of not making satisfactory course progress. The strategy specifies procedures for contacting and counselling identified students and sets out options available to assist students to achieve satisfactory course progress.

The Monash Business School policy is located here.

Early warning letters

Students who have failed one or more units in a semester may be sent an Early Warning Letter. If you receive an Early Warning Letter it means you must take action to improve your academic performance.

The letter provides information about how you can obtain assistance with any problems that may be affecting your academic progress. The letter may require you to make an appointment with a Course Advisor from Student Services, who will provide guidance on managing your study load.

Failure to take action to improve academic performance could result in future breaches of the Academic Progress Rules and referral to the Academic Progress Committee.

End of year

At the end of each year, a review is conducted of the academic performance of all students in the Monash Business School. If your academic progress is found to be unsatisfactory according to the Monash Business School academic progress rules, there are three possible outcomes. You may be

  1. permitted to continue your course without restriction;
  2. sent a letter advising you that conditions have been imposed on your continued enrolment; or
  3. sent a Notice of Referral advising that you must respond giving reasons why you should not be excluded from the Faculty.

Student rights officers

You can obtain independent advocacy, advice and assistance from Student Rights Officers. Student Rights Officers can assist you in your written response, in preparing for a possible hearing, and accompanying you to your hearing.

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