Academic progress

If you’re struggling to keep up with your studies, we won’t just let you slip through the cracks. We have a strategy in place to identify students at risk of not making progress in their course – and give them access to the support they need to succeed.

For more information about how this strategy works, you can read the Monash Business School Academic Progress Policy.

Early warning letters

If you fail one or more units in a semester, this is the first step we’ll take to help get things back on track. The letter will have information about where to find support, and may ask that you make an appointment with a Course Advisor to talk about managing your study load.

It’s important that you act on an early warning letter if you ever receive one, to avoid breaching Academic Progress Rules further or being referred to the Academic Progress Committee.

Mid year review

We review your academic progress after each semester of enrolment.  At the mid year point, we look at how you are proceeding and you will be required to attend a meeting to discuss your progress, if you fail:

  • a compulsory unit twice or
  • to comply with conditions placed on your enrolment - following an End of Year academic progress review or as directed by the Dean - or
  • more than 50% of your enrolment after 2 semesters of enrolment or
  • more than 50% of your enrolment after being enrolled for two-thirds or more of the maximum period of your course enrolment.

End of year review

At the end of each year, we’ll review the academic performance of every Monash Business School student – if you’re falling behind, we’ll either:

  1. Allow you to continue your studies as usual
  2. Set conditions that will affect your continued enrolment (you’ll receive a letter about this)
  3. Or, we may send a Notice of Referral, which will require a response with reasons why you shouldn’t be excluded from the Faculty.

Getting support throughout the process

Coping with academic progress issues can be difficult, and it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right support to help you through. Student Rights Officers provide independent advocacy, advice and assistance to students dealing with these issues. They can help you write responses, prepare for a hearing and accompany you for support.

The University also has a number of Support Services that may assist you in your APC Process.

Contact the Academic Progress Committee