Special Consideration Policy

Purpose To provide students and staff with faculty specific information regarding applications for special consideration in relation to in-semester and end of semester assessment.
Scope This policy applies to all students in the Faculty of Business and Economics.
Policy Statement

1. Introduction

Faculty policy on special consideration is largely determined by University special consideration policy and procedure.

Further to the University's regulations and policy on special consideration, the following provisions apply to candidates within the faculty:

Special consideration may be granted to students whose performance in an examination or other assessment has been significantly affected by acute illness or other exceptional cause. Students who complete their final examination or end-of-semester assessment task will not be eligible for special consideration.

Where special consideration has already been granted for a given set of circumstances, further special consideration will not normally be granted for the same in-semester and end of semester assessment task except in accordance Section F of the University's Unit Assessment Procedures relating to 'Managing Scheduling of a Deferred Final Assessment'.

Lack of facility with English is not a reason for special consideration to be granted.

2. Supporting documentation
Applications for special consideration will only be considered when accompanied be appropriate supporting documentation.

Evidence will only be accepted from professionals who are registered with a professional body, such as social workers, medical practitioners, lawyers, and psychologists. Evidence in relation to medical grounds will only be accepted from professionals registered with the Medical Board of Australia (MBA).

Medical certificates/professional practitioner statements must state that the student was unfit to sit the examination on the relevant date or unable to complete work for assessment on or before the relevant date. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

3. Application process, deadlines and outcomes

All application for special consideration must be completed on the appropriate University special consideration application form.

3.1 Within semester assessment

Students must complete the Special Consideration Application Form  (in-semester assessment exam/assessment task) and provide all relevant documentation within two working days of the deadline for submission of the piece of work.

In-semester applications must be lodged with the Chief Examiner for the unit.

If the application for special consideration is approved, the Chief Examiner will apply one of the following outcomes:
(i) granting additional time in which to complete a prescribed piece of assessment
(ii) setting a special test or deferred test (either written or oral)
(iii) set an additional piece of work to be completed in order to determine the final result for the unit.

3.2 End of semester examination

Students who complete the final examination/assessment task are not eligible for special consideration.

A deferred examination is the only outcome from a successful end of semester request for special consideration. Student must complete the

Application for Special Consideration form and provide relevant documentation as soon as possible prior to the scheduled examination. If a student has been unable to complete an examination due to falling ill during the examination, the special consideration application must be submitted no later than two University working days after the date of the last examination scheduled for the candidate (see section 21, sub-regulation 3 of the Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations).

Applications for end of semester special consideration must be lodged at the student services office at the student's home campus.

Applications for special consideration for end of semester examinations will be assessed by the Group Manager, Student Services who will make a recommendation to the Board of Examiners.

If the application for special consideration is approved, the student will be granted a deferred examination for the unit.

4. Requesting a Re-schedule of a Deferred Final Assessment Task

Section F of the University's Unit Assessment Procedures provides for student to apply for re-scheduling of a deferred final assessment task. In the Faculty of Business and Economics applications made under this University procedure are considered by the Group Manager, Student Services as the nominee of the Deputy Dean Education, who will make a recommendation to the faculty's Board of Examiners.

5. Late Applications
(i) The Associate Dean Learning and Teaching and the Deputy Dean Education may accept a late application for special consideration in exceptional circumstances where they are satisfied that a student was unable to make an application by the required date due to reasons beyond their control,

(ii) Late applications for special consideration will not be accepted under any circumstances after the results in the unit have been formally published by the University.

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