Special Consideration Student Procedures

Parent Policy

Special Consideration Policy

Information for Students

  • Please read the special consideration policy carefully.
  • If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible to apply for special consideration contact your faculty student services office through ask.monash.

Within semester assessment

Complete the In-semester special consideration application form.

Submit your application, to the Chief Examiner for the unit, within two University working days of the deadline for submission of the piece of work.

End-of-semester examination

Login to WES and access the online special consideration form under the Course Progression section.

Submit your application as soon as possible prior to the scheduled examination or if you were unable to complete an examination submit your application no later than two University working days after the date of your last scheduled examination. Ensure that all supporting documents are uploaded with your application.

Check results after release:

  • results listed will include the special consideration ruling.
  • if your result listed is 'DEF' you have been granted a deferred exam - check the deferred exam timetable for details.

Note: No late special consideration applications will be accepted after the results in the unit have been formally published by the University under any circumstances.