Student complaints and grievances

School complaints and grievance procedures

The university has formal grievance or appeal procedures in the areas of exclusion, discipline and sex-based harassment that are separate from the academic and administrative grievance process.

Complaints from students in relation to academic and administrative matters are managed within the framework of the University.

Informal resolution

It is expected that in the first instance, students of Monash Business School will attempt to resolve a complaint with the staff member concerned. If a resolution cannot be reached, the student is encouraged to discuss the difficulty with the appropriate person on a confidential basis.

If the complaint is not resolved informally or it is one of bias on the part of the staff member concerned, the student may direct the complaint to the next appropriate level, eg. chief examiner, unit leader, relevant administrative officer or head of the appropriate area.

For academic issues contact:

  • Step 1 - lecturer/assistant lecturer
  • Step 2 - unit coordinator/chief examiner
  • Step 3 - course coordinator/head of department
  • Step 4 - course director

For administrative issues contact:

  • Step 1 - Monash Business School Student Services Officer on your home campus
  • Step 2 - Manager of the Student Services Office on your home campus
  • Step 3 - Group Manager, Student Services

Any student who has a difficulty may also wish to discuss the matter confidentially with a member of the university counselling or health services or an officer of the appropriate student association.

Formal resolution

If the complaint is not resolved, the student may make a written request for resolution of the matter to the Monash Business School student grievance officer. The matter is now considered a grievance. The dean's nominees charged with dealing with such matters are the Faculty of Business and Economics student grievance officer. The student grievance officer may be contacted for advice or as a facilitator to resolve issues of concern at

Formal grievances can only be actioned if the student has provided their full name, student ID and contact details using the Grievance lodgement form.

For full details, refer to the University Complaints and Grievances of Coursework Students Procedures.

Student Rights Officers and the Monash Postgraduate Association are available to provide independent advocacy, assistance and advice in relation to a grievance.