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Each academic unit has appointed a member of academic staff to take special responsibility for the affairs of its graduate research students.

Department/CentreAcademic Telephone
Accounting Professor Vic Naiker +61 3 9903 2388
Banking and Finance Dr Hue Hwa Au Yong +61 3 9903 2024
Business Law and Taxation Dr Shelley Marshall +61 3 9903 1422
Econometrics and Business Statistics Prof Gael Martin +61 3 9905 1189
Economics Professor Pushkar Maitra +61 3 9905 5832
Management Associate Professor Danya Simpson +61 3 9903 2674
Marketing Associate Professor Jan Brace-Govan +61 3 9903 2491
Centre for Health Economics Professor Anthony Harris +61 3 9905 8380
Business School, Monash University Malaysia Associate Professor Motoki Watabe +60 3 5514 445

They'll make sure you're familiar with:

  • the University Statutes and Regulations, Code of Practice, and Intellectual Property set out in the Doctoral Information Handbook
  • the faculty's approach for dealing with grievances
  • health and safety rules (and any other procedures that might be relevant to you)
  • the University Guidelines for research, including the location and storage of original data and certifications needed for research publication.

They're also responsible for:

  • organising induction programs
  • resolving issues between students and supervisors
  • tracking student progress (especially during the late stages of thesis writing)
  • arranging for students to give a departmental seminar
  • setting up a supervisory committee for supervisors who need extra support
  • encouraging students to get involved with events held by their department
  • assisting the Head of their department with scholarship applications and preparing students for their annual review.

Research Degrees Committee

The committee handles the policy and program management and  administration for research degrees across the faculty.

To raise an issue at their next meeting, email your student representative.

Monash Postgraduate Association (MPA)

Run by graduates for graduates, the Monash Postgraduate Association supports students across  our Victorian campuses. You can go to them for advice and advocacy about your  coursework, research – and everything else that comes with being a uni student.

Graduate Spaces

Our campuses have spaces where you can study, catch up with friends, and make something to eat.