Scholarships, grants and awards


To attract the very best minds in research, we offer a range of scholarships, bursaries and grants. They could cover the cost of your program, or be your ticket to studying abroad.

Travel Grants

Doctoral and research masters candidates often need to travel to meet with other researchers, collect data, research specialised archives or undertake field trips and interviews. Travel grants can help with the associated costs.

Read the guidelines before applying.


The Postgraduate Publications Award offers a living allowance for up to 12 weeks. It's for students who want to start writing up their research for publication while waiting for their result.

There are four selection rounds every year to fit around your submission date.

Round Eligibility Criteria
Thesis submission period
Nomination Form Due Date
of nomination form
Faculty Ranking
due date
PPA Awardees Announced
no later than
1 1 January - 31 March Round 1 form 1 January 14 January 1 February
2 1 April - 30 June Round 2 form 1 April 14 April 2 May
3 1 July - 30 September Round 3 form 1 July 14 July 1 August
4 1 October - 31 December Round 4 form 1 October 14 October 1 November