Candidature progress and milestones


Web Enrolment System (WES) opens for re-enrolment close to the end of each year. You will be notified before the re-enrolment period starts. It is your responsibility to ensure that you re-enrol during the re-enrolment period. Failure to re-enrol may also  forfeit your place in your course and incur late re-enrolment fees.

Candidature milestones

You are required to undertake three milestones through your candidature - Confirmation, Progress Review and Final Review. These are all formal hurdle requirements, which mean that you must satisfactorily achieve the requirements of the milestone in order to remain enrolled. A failure to meet the requirements of a  milestone means that you are deemed to be making unsatisfactory progress. For more information, consult the Handbook for Doctoral Degrees.

The milestone report can be processed online now. Once the milestone review panel is complete, you should initiate the process by completing the online Milestone Report Form.

Variations to candidature

When you need to make changes to your enrolment during candidature, you should submit an online application which can be used to apply for:

  • Leave (leave of absence, sick leave, carer's leave, maternity leave, parental leave, jury duty) with the exception of annual leave which does not require formal approval.
  • Extension to scholarship (University scholarship only)*
  • Transfer to external enrolment
  • Extension to thesis submission
  • Return from leave/study away

* For faculty scholarship extension, scholarship holders should contact the Graduate Research Services to request a copy of the form.

For any other changes of enrolment, you should complete a relevant application form, which can be downloaded from Monash Graduate Education.

Thesis submission and examination

You can submit your thesis online. For more information, please go to Monash Graduate Education.


Monash is proud to celebrate your academic achievements with family and friends. It's a time to recognise your efforts and receive your certificate (testamur).

Be sure to apply to graduate within a year of being eligible - whether you plan to attend a ceremony or not.