International industry placements

In today’s highly globalised world, employers really value those with international experience. It allows for greater cross-cultural understanding, and opens up new avenues of thinking, bringing a fresh perspective into a business. An international internship will be a transformative experience, highlighting that you are willing to go above and beyond to achieve your goals.

2021 International placement program

According to current DFAT advice, students are not permitted to travel to undertake any programs overseas at this time. Therefore, until further notice, only students residing in their country of citizenship or permanent residency may undertake a placement offshore.

You must provide evidence of your residency and required insurances in the country of placement (see Monash Abroad registration information below). Depending on the location of your placement, your placement may need to be 100% remote. Upon submitting an expression of interest (see instructions below) we will be able to advise.

How do I apply for an offshore student sourced placement?

Step 1.

After you have confirmed a placement with a host organisation, complete the “expression of interest” form which outlines your location and the host details. Allow time for the WIL team to seek approvals for you to submit an application.

Expression of interest form

You must submit your expression of interest by:
Winter: 12 April 2021
Semester 2: 10 May 2021

No Expressions of interest will be accepted beyond these dates.

Step 2.

If you are approved to apply for an offshore WIL placement, you will be sent a student placement pack for you and your host to complete and you will need to upload these to Inplace (student placement management system). This pack includes:

  • OHS form, which outlines if the host has public liability insurance and the COVID measures they have in place.
  • an outline of the duties you will be undertaking and your supervisor’s qualifications
  • Placement outline, which asks the host to demonstrate how they will support you remotely
  • Host agreement

PLEASE NOTE: Your enrolment into the WIL unit is not guaranteed. The WIL team is obligated to ensure the placement you have sourced meets all compliance guidelines as set out by the faculty and the University.  Any delays in receiving all documentation will result in delays and/or our inability to approve your placement and confirm your enrolment.

You must ensure you are enrolled in the correct number of units.

You must NOT commence your placement until you have received official confirmation of your enrolment. It is not possible to apply for credit for an internship or work placement after it has been completed, or after the point where your remaining placement days would no longer meet the minimum requirements.

Step 3.

You may be required to register with Monash Abroad, and provide your passport and insurance details. If your application is approved, the WIL team will facilitate your enrolment into the WIL unit.

Units and eligibility

It is important to follow the application and approval process when applying for these opportunities.

Current opportunities

Contact us

For further information on specific opportunities or queries on applications contact our International WIL team on or call +61 3 9903 8866.