Atma - Mumbai: Network Associate Internship

  • Organisation: ATMA
  • Location: Mumbai, India
  • Number of places available: 1
  • Position: Network Associate Intern
  • Starting dates: Throughout the year - available Winter, Semester 2 and Summer A/B
  • Duration: Minimum 4 weeks

About the organisation

Atma provides intensive support to education non-profits and social enterprises, helping them solve their daily operational challenges and plan for their future growth. Faced by a lack of resources and expertise, high-potential education organisations are often unable to maximise their impact.

The Atma Accelerator program provides organisations with hands-on guidance and expertise in management and programme delivery. Atma’s support enables them to become sustainable and impactful organisations delivering high quality programmes on ground.

ATMA have launched a free online web-app, the ‘Network’ where any NGO can learn from their experience and expertise. Through the Network, ATMA aims to accelerate the growth of NGOs independently, increase their funding capacity, attracting talent and help them in resource linkages.

About the internship

The internship position will focus on assisting the Atma Network team in building new relationships with Atma Network member organisations, managing the social media channels and creating the monthly newsletter as well as being in charge of data entry and analysis for the Network.


The Atma Network volunteer will be focused on working with the Atma Network Team to help strengthen and establish relations with the existing and new members of the Atma Network:

  • Consulting different NGO leaders on challenges related to areas of organisation development through in person/Skype meetings and providing them with appropriate solutions and next steps
  • Personally meeting or conducting Skype calls with organisations from all over India to learn more about their programmes and the support which could be provided by the Atma Network.
  • Managing and creating content for Atma Network’s social media handles and monthly newsletter by working closely with the Network Coordinator as well as with different partner organisations.
  • Analysing current member usage trends (with respect to webinars, meetings, social media and the Atma Network website)
  • Creating new content for the website based on area of expertise or interest
  • Handling logistics and publicity for different events and webinars by coordinating with speakers and attendees.
  • Regularly updating and checking of content on the Atma Network

Other requirements

Specific skills and experience required

  • Strong writing  and presentation skills
  • Understanding of the marketing and communications function
  • Passion for the social technology universe (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, wikis, RSS, social bookmarking, discussion forums and community software)

Desired qualities

  • Good Analytical skills
  • Consultative approach to work
  • Solution oriented approach
  • Ability to think on their feet
  • Should be comfortable with travelling in and around Mumbai
  • Patient and able to deal with ambiguity
  • Strong inter-personal and communication skills
  • Prior consulting, marketing and sales experience will be preferred