Self-sourced international opportunities

An overseas industry placement (internship) is professional work experience and adventure rolled into one.

Pack your bag with curiosity, openness to other cultures, willingness to learn and an appetite to tackle new challenges. You will come home with a deeper understanding of different workplace cultures, expanded networks, great communication skills and a boosted CV, all leading to that next career step.

Current options for sourcing your own placement

An overseas industry placement (internship) is professional work experience and adventure rolled into one.

Please note that only students residing in their home country or residency may undertake a placement overseas at this time.

Students are not permitted to travel overseas to undertake a WIL placement.

Current options for sourcing your own placement: You may choose to source an opportunity on your own with another organisation and on successful application, submit a "Student Sourced" WIL application.

WIL placement program - host suitability

You should check that your host meets this criterion before submitting the placement application.

Host organisations must meet Monash University minimum standards and OHS guidelines:

  • All host organisations should have 5 or more employees on the days the student attends the placement.
  • Host organisation premises cannot be in ‘home offices’ or at a private residence.
  • Students generally cannot undertake a placement in a small family business.
  • All host organisations must sign a student placement agreement.
  • All host organisations must have public liability and professional indemnity insurance or ‘equivalent’.
  • All host supervisors must be willing to complete a student evaluation form as part of the WIL unit assessment – this will be provided to the host by the student and return to the student to enable the student to complete WIL unit assessments

Location of placement

Please check the Covid19 level of the country of the placement/residency as this will determine if you are able to undertake a placement onsite or if it must be a remote/virtual placement.

  • If a host is located in country level 1: placement may be undertaken onsite
  • If a host is located in country level 2-4: placement must be undertaken remotely

Click here for up to date Covid levels by country.

Using third party providers for placements overseas

You may choose to source an opportunity through an internship or placement organisation and once successful, submit a student sourced application. Monash University will require that your agreement includes information about the host organisation and the Third-Party Provider. We will thoroughly check the program is suitable before we approve the placement. Please ensure you provide as much information as possible to assist us to process your application.

Monash University students have previously participated in programs with Hong Kong AustCham and The Intern Group. There are fees associated with these programs. Please check carefully with individual service providers.

Many programs are currently offering virtual placements only – please contact the WIL team to seek further information on virtual offshore programs as the program may not be suitable to meet the WIL unit requirements.

For the below opportunities you must apply directly to the organisation:

  • Global Banking Internship – HSBC (Global)
  • Tax, Audit and Advisory – KPMG (Global)
  • Accounting, Business Analyst or Finance Internship – Intel (Penang, Malaysia) Project Everest Ventures

Contact us

For further information on specific opportunities or queries on applications contact our International WIL team on or call +61 3 9903 8866.