The Monash Achievement Award

The Monash Achievement Award allows domestic undergraduate and honours students who are enrolled in full-fee places the opportunity to transfer within the same Monash Business School course to a Commonwealth-Supported Place (CSP) in the subsequent years of their course if they meet specific criteria*.

*Dependent upon availability of Commonwealth-supported places in the School.

Staff procedures

Information for Manager, Admissions and Enrolments

  • Assessed by the Faculty Student Services Administrator together with the Manager, Admissions and Enrolments
  • Receive a spreadsheet from the Coursework Scholarships Unit listing all current Faculty local full-fee paying students
  • Sort data as per selection criteria contained in the policy
  • Prepare a list of those eligible to receive the Monash Achievement Award (MAA) and save a copy on T-Drive
  • Complete ‘Change of Status’ forms for eligible students and forward to the Coursework Scholarships Unit
  • Notify senior undergraduate administrators on each campus, via email, that the list of recipients of the MAA is on T-Drive
  • Students will be notified by the Coursework Scholarships Unit.

Student procedures

Information for Students

No action is required on behalf of the student – provided you meet the selection criteria contained in the policy, you will automatically be considered for the Monash Achievement Award in December/January


To be eligible, you must be:

  • an Australian citizen or New Zealand citizen or holder of an Australian permanent resident visa, and
  • enrolled in an undergraduate degree or course at a Monash Australian campus, and
  • enrolled in a domestic full-fee place.

No application is necessary - all domestic undergraduate students in full-fee places will be assessed.


To be eligible for assessment within the Faculty of Business and Economics you must have:

  • completed 48 credit points of study, of which six units (36 credit points) must have been successfully completed in the Faculty of Business and Economics
  • achieved an average mark of 65% or above in the Business and Economics units.

Assessment takes place at the end of each year with offers being made in December/January for the start of Semester 1.


Once a student qualifies for this award, the Commonwealth-supported place status continues for the remainder of the student's course.

More Information

Contact the Coursework Scholarships Unit
Ph 03 9902 6011
Fax 03 9905 5004