Undergraduate WIL projects information

Want to get hands on experience while you study, and open up new possibilities for your career? Then an industry project (internship) might be for you!

There are three sets of BEX units covering industry placements. These are summarised below:

UnitDuration Credit points Work arrangements
BEX3350/3351 20 days 6 credit points 2 days per week over 10 weeks
BEX3450/3451 30 days 12 credit points 3 days per week over 10 weeks

Projects in Summer and Winter are usually taken full-time. Students may self-source their project or they may apply to Monash to find a project for them. Projects may be local, interstate or overseas. Please note that the WIL program is highly competitive and there is no guarantee that every student submitting an application will be successful.


  • Completion of 96 credit points (16 units) of your degree by the time you commence your placement (16 units). You cannot apply with fewer than 72 credit points (12 units).
  • Enough elective space in your course
  • BEX3350 is a prerequisite for BEX3351; BEX3450 is a prerequisite for BEX3451


  1. Project Plan - 20%
  2. Self-reflection - 30%
  3. Project report - 30%
  4. Project presentation - 20%

Students are required to attend a compulsory induction session prior to commencing their project Sessions are held in both O-week and week 1 of semester and around the end of the S1 and S2 exam periods for Winter and Summer semesters respectively.

Application process

Application Process (On Line) Students are required to make a formal application to undertake these units through the online link provided below. Details about units and the application process (including commencing and closing dates) are available here.

All students should supply the following information during the application process:

  • Student need to have completed at least 72 credit points of their business degree (to be eligible to apply on-line), and are expected to have completed 96 credit points of their business degree at the time of their project commencement
  • Contribution expected to be made, by the student, to the organisation through the completion of the project
  • What the student expects to learn from undertaking the project
  • How the project relates to the student’s business degree and major discipline area(s)

Students sourcing their own project will also need to supply additional information via the on-line application process that covers:

  • The project brief (what the project is expected to cover)
  • Company details (name, location etc.)
  • Supervisor details (name, contact information). If overseas, this needs to an English-speaker
  • Starting and finishing dates of project

Student-sourced projects are assessed and approved by the WIL Placement Team to ensure they meet unit requirements.

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