Why complete an industry placement?

Industry placements (sometimes called internships) are the perfect way to build on your skills in a real-world setting.  Here’s why:

You’ll improve your employability

With specific industry experience, and a host of new contacts within your chosen sector, you’ll have a head start on the jobs market when you graduate.
Many of the employers we work with end up hiring interns once they graduate, or provide them with references, contacts and guidance.

You can get a global perspective

Taking an oversees internship can open you up to a whole range of new experiences that you won’t get at home. You’ll return with a deeper understanding of different workplace cultures, an international network, and an enhanced CV – all valuable assets in a jobs market that’s increasingly international.

You’ll make an impact

Our host organisations don’t take on Monash Business School interns to take coffee orders. You’ll work on key projects, offer organisational support, identify new business opportunities and help solve complex problems.

You’ll improve your studies

Putting what you’ve learnt at Uni into action in a professional setting will consolidate your learning and give you a deeper understanding of your discipline.

You’ll get academic credit

If you complete a 12 or 6 credit point unit over the summer or winter breaks, you can reduce your course load during semester, allowing you to focus more on other units.

If you’re an undergraduate student, you may also be able to use an industry placement (internship) unit as part of your major.