Economics teaching - micro before macro?

Main question: "It is more effective to teach an introductory course in micro-economics first before an introductory course in macro-economics"

For clarity, we provided the following extra guidance to panellist to vote:
  • Agree / strongly agree - if they think it's better (to some extent) to teach micro before macro
  • Disagree / strongly disagree - if they think it's better (to some extent) to teach macro before micro
  • Uncertain - if they think it doesn't matter at all whether micro or macro is taught first
  • No opinion - if they don't have any views on this proposition.
For transparency, we also asked the panellists to answer the following question:

Additional question: "On balance, I consider myself: a) more of a microeconomist than a macroeconomist or b) more of a macroeconomist than a microeconomist"

Overview of poll results by Professor Ross Guest

Professor Ross Guest

It is an oft-debated topic in economics departments. First, economists have their own preferences for micro or macro and the relative importance of each to an education in economics. From a marketing perspective, some argue that it is better to start students with the sort of economics that is likely to be more appealing, or that is more likely to provide the necessary building blocks for further learning in economics.

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