Gig economy and worker welfare

"The wages and conditions of Australian workers providing services in sectors affected by the rapid growth of digital on-demand subcontracting platforms will, on average, be expected to fall without further government intervention."

* Collaborator credits: we would like to thank Julie Toth for her assistance in framing this poll question. We would also like to thank Dr Josh Healy and Julie Toth for their expert overviews of the results.

Overview of poll results by Adjunct Professor Julie Toth

Julie Toth

Adjunct Professor Julie Toth

The latest wave of digital technologies are enabling a ‘gig economy’ that is changing the way in which supply chains and work tasks can be organised. Questions now being asked about it include: is this the start of a permanent structural change to all work arrangements, an incremental step change, or merely a passing fad? How will it spread? And what (if anything?) should be done to address any costs or concerns that might arise?

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Overview of poll results by Dr Josh Healy

Dr Joshua Healy

Dr Josh Healy

On-demand (or ‘gig-based’) working arrangements are moving rapidly into established industries. But, according to a new poll conducted by the Economic Society of Australia, economists are divided over whether this development is good or bad news for workers.

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