Journalism as a public good

Proposition 1: The modern phenomena of information overload and social-media-fuelled 'fake news' bring into focus the value of quality journalism. Quality journalism has a public-good dimension that warrants public support.

Proposition 2: The Australian government presently provides funding for the ABC and SBS, Australia's independent public broadcasters. The Australian government should increase its financial support of quality journalism.

* Collaborator credits: we would like to thank Dr Leonora Risse, Danielle Wood and Associate Professor Gigi Foster for their assistance in framing this poll question. We would also like to thank Associate Professor Gigi Foster for her expert overview of the results.

Overviews of poll results by Associate Professor Gigi Foster

Gigi Foster

Associate Professor Gigi Foster

By Gigi Foster, Associate Professor, University of New South Wales Australia Business School

This month’s poll asked the economists of the National Economic Panel to consider separately two propositions about the role of public resources in subsidizing quality journalism.

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Proposition 1

NEPQ25 responses chart

ESA Chart

Proposition 2

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