The Finkel Review

"The Finkel Review has recommended a mandatory certificate scheme that obliges electricity retailers to purchase a certain proportion of the electricity they sell from sources of electricity whose emission intensity is below a defined level. This is preferable to conventional approaches to the pricing of externalities, such as an emission tax or cap and trade scheme."

Collaborator credits: we would like to thank Bruce Mountain for his assistance in framing this poll question and for his expert overview of the results.

Overview of poll results by Dr Bruce Mountain

Dr Bruce Mountain

Dr Bruce Mountain

Few topics that have attracted as much political attention in Australia for the last decade than its emission reduction policy.

Amid mounting concern over electricity price increases across Australia and coinciding with blackouts in South Australia and near-misses in New South Wales, the Australian Government asked Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, to lead a panel to provide a blue-print for reform of the electricity industry, in a context in which emission reduction policy was an underlying drum-beat.

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NEP-Q21 Chart Responses

NEP-Q21-Chart Responses