Engagement and collaboration

The collaborations the Department of Economics has fostered with research groups within the University allows our research to stretch beyond the pure discipline, affecting real-world policy and outcomes. This means that our reach goes beyond Melbourne.

The Centre for Development and Economics Sustainability is a platform for consolidating engagement with other areas of the Monash Business School, particularly the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics and the Centre for Health Economics. Interaction between the Department and the Monash Sustainability Institute is facilitated through several academic staff members of the Department that research sustainability issues.

Our strength in experimental economics has positioned the department to build valuable links with government. The Department has established the Monash Experimental Research Insights Team (MERIT), which serves as a point of outreach between the experimental economics group in the Department and government. Other opportunities for development economics and experimental economics exist through the Monash-Warwick Alliance with behavioural economics being a priority area for collaboration between Monash and Warwick.

Established in 2013, the Monash Business Policy Forum builds on the existing relationship between the Department, Industry and Government in the area of microeconomics and industrial organisation. The forum coordinates research in relevant microeconomic policy areas and acts as a link to areas government inquiry such as reform of the banking system (the Murray inquiry) and competition policy (the Harper inquiry).