Message from the Head

Professor Michael Ward
Professor Michael Ward
Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Economics at Monash Business School – a recognised world leader.

Our Department boasts more than 50 tenured economists undertaking work in virtually all major fields of economics. We are known for our research expertise in development economics, behavioural and experimental economics, and macroeconomics. This scale and reach of expertise allows us to provide exceptional undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as a vibrant graduate research study culture through our Honours and Doctoral programs.

Research with impact

Through our research we are committed to making an impact and are not afraid of challenging the status quo. Our staff have questioned how the World Bank calculates global poverty and argued the International Poverty Line is set too low. Our researchers have also developed an innovative way to encourage more women into leadership roles – through ‘opt out’ promotions – research we at Monash Business School are implementing ourselves.

Leading experts

We have some of the world’s leading experts in behavioural economics within the Department including the Joe Isaac Chair of Business and Economics, Professor Lata Gangadharan.

Members of the Department have a distinguished publication record in leading international field journals as well as general interest journals, including the profession's most prestigious outlets. We also house excellent research facilities. Our Monash Laboratory for Experimental Economics (MonLEE) laboratory enables us to complement field work with laboratory based activities.

Our students are also exposed to a range of highly esteemed academics through our visiting scholars program. One of our distinguished visiting professors is the world’s leading expert on experimental economics – John List, the Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago. We also host eminent thinkers such as French economist Professor Thomas Piketty and former World Bank Chief Economist, Professor Kaushik Basu.

Collaborative approach

At Monash Business School, education is not limited to classroom teaching or mentoring and advising students, but also incorporates outreach to the general public, policy makers, and industry representatives locally, national and internationally. Our Department members work individually and in teams across the Department, Business School and wider University. Our Department members also work collaboratively with colleagues in other universities, both in Australia and around the world.

Our Department also maintains particularly strong ties with the Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability, the Centre for Health Economics and the Monash Sustainability Institute. We have established other collaborative networks such as the South Asia Research Network (SARN) and the Monash Experimental Research Insights Team (MERIT), which further ensure the quality and positive impact of our research.

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