Dear Colleagues,

In the past three years as Head of Department, I have talked to well over 150 potential recruits. Each of those 150-plus times, I have talked about how the Monash economics department is one of the best places to work in the world, and I truly believe that. Beyond the world-class city, the ample resources, the vibrant intellectual atmosphere, the talented students, the low teaching loads, there are the wonderful colleagues and the spirit of collegiality.

The combination of all this is rare, and perhaps even unique. We have such privileged jobs in general as academics, and to have them here at Monash in such extraordinary conditions makes it a fantastic place to work.

This appeal is reflected in our recent recruitment success. New colleagues who have recently arrived include Wayne Geerling, Kris Ivanovski, Nathan Lane, and Gordon Leslie.

Philip Uschev and Carina Cavalcanti have recently commenced one-year research fellowships, with Carina also working for MonLEE part-time as previously.

Due to arrive over the next few months are Zac Gross, Weijia Li, and Xiaojian Zhao. Please extend a warm welcome to all, make time for that coffee or lunch with a new colleague, and build the collegiality that makes Monash economics the place people want to be.

Finally, congratulations to Matthew Leister and Chengsi Wang who have both been promoted to Senior Lecturer!