Congratulations to our newly promoted colleagues! Arthur Campbell, Paul Raschky, Wayne Geerling, Ayushi Bajaj, Gordon Leslie, Xiaodong Fan, Anupama Sethi, and Kris Ivanovski.

We are now expecting new colleagues Stefanie Fischer and Corey White to arrive in June.  Kaveh Majlesi and Krisztina Orban are anticipated to arrive near the end of this year.

The Economics Department has continued to increase our student numbers this year and last year, despite the adverse circumstances.  Most of this is due to a large strategic investment in new units and new programs, which is still an on-going process for us.

For example, the new Politics Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degree now has a healthy intake in its second year, and we anticipate more growth next year as word of mouth spreads.

The Department currently contributes to well over ten different degree programs and we are working on more. One exciting proposed new program is offering the Economics major through the Bachelor of Arts as well as Bachelor of Commerce, which is how for example our friends in Parkville manage things.

I believe we are likely to have a formal role in fifteen or more degree programs by 2023, which gives us both broad educational impact and a highly diversified business in a risky time. We'll give a full accounting of all our curriculum initiatives in the upcoming department self-review.

Many people have contributed to new or revised programs and units, too many to list by name, but we all owe thanks to those who have contributed to the design and delivery of these many initiatives.

With all the new business and new students, we will be making the case soon for at least one strategic hire to help continue those investments. Recruiting leads are very welcome.

Professor Michael Ward