New Publications

Simon Angus

Angus, Simon D. “A Statistical Timetable for the Sub-2-Hour Marathon”, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise: February 26, 2019.

Zhijun Chen

Z Chen, P Rey. "Competitive Cross-subsidization", Rand Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

Mita Bhattacharya

Apergis N, Bhattacharya, M and Inekwe, J. “Prediction of financial distress for multinational corporations: Panel estimations across countries” forthcoming in Applied Economics.

Wayne Geerling

Geerling, W., Mateer, G. D. and O’Roark, B. (2019) “The View from 30,000 Feet: Using Paper Airplanes to Understand Economic Modeling”, Journal of Economics and Finance Education [forthcoming].

Elias Khalil

Khalil, Elias L. “Wellbeing and Happiness.” Journal of Value Inquiry, Online First, 6 December 2018,

Khalil, Elias L. “The Isomorphism Hypothesis: The Prisoners’ Dilemma as Intertemporal Allocation, and vice versa.” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Online First, 16 November 2018,

Khalil, Elias L. and Nick Feltovich. “Moral Licensing, Instrumental Apology and Insincerity Aversion: Taking Immanuel Kant to the Lab.”  PLoS One, 13, 11, e0206878. 8 Nov. 2018,


Khalil, Elias L. “Does Identity Fusion Give Rise to the Group--or the Reverse? Politics- vs. Community-Based Groups.”  Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2018, 41, E205. doi:10.1017/S0140525X18001668.  Published online: 27 December 2018

Anke LeRoux

Dorner, Z., D. Brent and A. Leroux. “Preferences for intrinsically risky attributes”. Land Economics, forthcoming, 2019.

Ranjan Ray

A Nicholas, R Ray and K Sinha. “ Differentiating between dimensionality and duration in multidimensional measures of poverty: Methodology with an application to China.” Review of Income and wealth, March 2019, 65(1), 48-74.

Filipp Ushchev

A De Palma, Y. Papageourgiou , J. Thisse  and F Ushchev “About the Origin of Cities'' Journal of Urban Economics.

Working papers

Cason, N.T & Mui, V-L. (2019). Individual versus Group Choices of Repeated Game Strategies: A Strategy Method Approach (Research Discussion Paper RDP 01-19).

Dzhumashev, R. & Tursunalieva, A. (2019). A new criterion for selecting valid instruments (Research Discussion Paper RDP 04-19).

Nicholas, A & Rai, B (2019). Are Efficient Bargaining Power Disparities unfair? An Experimental Test (Research Discussion Paper RDP 02-19).

Saha, A., Mishra, V Smyth, R (2019). Financial Development and Top income Shares in OECD Countries (Research Discussion Paper RDP 03-19).