Teaching awards for 2018

Dean’s Citation for Teaching Excellence

Jaai Parasnis

Monash Student Association Outstanding Teaching Award (BusEco)

Marco Lecci

Monash Post-graduate Association Lecturer of the Year (finalist)

Simon Angus

Dept. of Economics Teaching Award

Vai-Lam Mui, He-ling Shi

Dept. of Economics Teaching Award - Commendation

Lionel Frost

Dept. of Economics Teaching Prizes (by unit)

Wayne Geerling (2)
- ECC1000 Prin. of micro (S2 Clayton)
- ECC2300 Curr issues in macro pol (S2 Clayton)

He-Ling Shi (4)
- ECX3550 Business in Asia (S2 Caulfield)
- ECF2550 Business in Asia (S2 Caulfield)
- ECC5953 Economics (S1 Clayton)
- ECF5953 Economics (S1 Caulfield)

James Bugden
- ECB3121 Econ of int trade & fin (S1 Peninsula)

Claudio Labanca
- ECC3710 Labour economics (S1 Clayton)

Lionel Frost
- ECB1101 Introductory micro (S1 Peninsula)

Choon Wang
- ECC2400 Curr issues in appl micro (S1 Clayton)

Chongwoo Choe
- ECC4650 Microeconomics (S1 Clayton)

Luc Borrowman
- ECF5921 Int economics (S1 Caulfield)

Congratulations to all for your hard work and outstanding performance!