Grants and awards


Congratulations to Giovanni Caggiano for his ARC Discovery Projects grant of $348,500 for his project “Uncertainty, financial frictions, and the Australian business cycle”, with Professor Efrem Castelnuovo and Dr Michele Modugno. The project aims to investigate the macroeconomic consequences of disruptions in financial markets and heightened uncertainty about the future. It expects to provide policymakers with tools to design effective policies to counteract the effects of heightened uncertainty and financial disruptions.

Erte Xiao has also been named as Chief Investigator on a successful ARC Discovery project of $220,000 on “Governing the knowledge of commons” at Monash university Faculty of Arts. Congratulations!

Other successful grant recipients from Monash Business School were Dr Sonja Kassenboehmer from the Centre for Health economics for her project on “Economic stress, non-cognitive skill development and life outcomes”. Dr Silvio Contessi from the Department of Finance for a project concerning “Gross credit flows, credit reallocation and the macroeconomy”. Carolyn Southerland’s team of researchers from Business, Law and Taxation for their project on the regulation of labour disputes in Southeast Asia.

Finally, Dr Tatushi Oka from the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics for a project on “Econometric methods for distributional effects.” A very successful outcome for the Business school. Well done everybody!


Congratulations to Yves Zenou who has received the 2018 Dean's Award for Excellence in Research. He received the award for his contributions especially in the area of network economics.

Jaai Parasnis has been awarded the 2018 Dean's Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning "for developing and implementing assessment practices that encourage deep learning, enable formative feedback and enable students to apply macroeconomic concepts to real world challenges."  She has been teaching both semesters of ECC1100 Principles of Macroeconomics in recent years, with continual improvement, high student satisfaction, and strong learning outcomes. Congratulations!

The awards ceremony will take place on May 28 next year.

You can find the full list of award recipients here.

Tutor Marco Lecci won the Faculty Teaching Award for Business and Economics at the Monash Student Association Awards Night. This is the second time he wins the award. He has also been involved in our TA training/on-boarding to pass on some of his knowledge.

Another of our tutors, Chris Teh, was among the nominated.

Winners of Swift Institute Challenge

Marco Lecci and Aaron Rozario won the Swift Institute University Challenge 2018 for their idea that combines economic principles (like auctions in a competitive market, sustained by a system of incentives) and Blockchain technology to secure costumers personal banking data in a world of open data.

They presented their winning idea in front of a jury of experts and an audience of CEOs, executives from the tech industry, government and financial sector from all over the world. Previous winners have been from University of Toronto and Warwick University.

“We have been approached by a few companies, Consesys (a large blockchain-financial corporation), IBM, Intel, Westpac and a few others that were interested in our idea and potentially could develop it with us. We are planning to use part of the financial reward to run behavioural and field experiments at Monash and elsewhere to gain valuable data and insight on how consumers price their data. We are planning to develop our idea into a real product with one of the corporations mentioned, hopefully with guidance and mentoring to run a start-up”, says Marco Lecci.

Additional media coverage on the award.